Track Your Competitors’ Advertising Activities in Real Time

Gain access to 20+ years of ad creative and adspend data
admanGo's coverage spans over 22 media types including TV, Print, Outdoor, Radio, Desktop and Mobile, updated on a daily basis. We provide our subscribers with the largest and most comprehensive data base of all brands’ advertising activities in Hong Kong.

Daily Email Alerts

Database updated real time with email alert every morning
To catch up with all the new ad launches and new product announcements, our daily email alert keeps you up to date the minute you turn on the computer when you return to the office every morning. Our email alerts can also be customized to show ad alerts in the specific category, sub-category or brands that you’re interested in so you can react immediately.

Ad Dashboard

An overview of all the recently launched ads
The minute you log into admanGo, dashboard will show you all the ads launched in the past 7, 14 or 30 days in your specified product category, sub-category or brands in all the media we monitored. Not only does it provide an immediate overview on all the new ad launches and their media usage, it's also done fully automatically without you having to click any button or run any search.

Data Dashboard

Graphs and charts slicing and dicing adspend data and media usage
Our data dashboard provides an instant overview on your product category's advertising spending trends, media share of voice, year on year and seasonality analysis, your competitors spending trends, media usage breakdown and their ad budget share of voice comparison. Again, all the reports are automatically generated without any reconfigurations necessary saving much valuable time and efforts on your part.

Ad Market Overview

Gain insights into the whole advertising market
Aside from your subscribed category, you can also access monthly spending trends, media share of voice and top category/advertiser analysis of the whole advertising market to have a bird eyes view of the advertising scene in Hong Kong. You can always learn a thing or two from fellow advertisers outside of your own product category.

A Comprehensive and Searchable Database

Search function allows access to a complete database of all advertisements in all media launched in Hong Kong over the past 20+ years
Once you have pinpointed the ads that you're looking for, our "1-Click" technology allows you to download, forward, group campaign or export the ads and all their media details to Excel or Powerpoint.

Benchmark your Strategy against your Competition with Media Plan

Does your media strategy stack up to your competition?
Our Media Plan function re-creates any brand’s Media Plan allowing you to see your competitors’ adspend trends, seasonality and choices of media all under one page within a few clicks. You can trace back to the actual ad creative following the symbol marked in the calendar vs media title hybrid.

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